Copy (2) of GJ 1942 catalog 003

1940 Georg Jensen Inc. crest

(above) Georg Jensen Inc, 667 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, (depicted above in 1942)  and the George Jensen Inc crest as it appeared in an advertisement of 1941.

Georg Jensen Inc. sold Janeway ceramics from 1942 through 1949. That store, created and managed by Frederik Lunning, no longer exists. In its time, 1923-1970s, it was a legitimate branch of Georg Jensen in Copenhagen.

All Janeway’s ceramic ¬†decoration was carried out in underglaze technique. Tiles were industrial blanks, usually from Wheeling,Inc. ¬†Dinnerwares used Ranchero patterned blanks from W.S.George. All other items were designed and fabricated by Janeway using slipcasting.

GJc1945p30 full page 2MB

(above)Page 30 of 1945 Georg Jensen Inc mail-order catalog was dedicated to Janeway ceramics.

GJ c1945 tableware catalog smallGJ c1945 catalogsmall 002GJ c1945 catalog small 003

GJ c1945 catalog small 004GJ c1945 catalog small 005

GJc1945p32 smallGJ c1945 catalog small 006

(above) Page 33 from same Georg Jensen (c)1945 catalog. Round Janeway tiles used in trays, cheeseplatters.