Victoria Jenssen

The monograph, The Art of Carol Janeway,  is intended to be a reference book about Carol Janeway’s creative endeavors, particularly underglaze decorated ceramics, and an introduction to her life and her career in New York City in the 1940’s. It should be considered a companion volume to her book of 1950, Ceramics and Potterymaking for Everyone, since it provides the historical context of many photographs there and the technological context of her advice to the amateur ceramicist-reader.

Part  One  consists of essays which provide an overview of Janeway’s biography  including information on her  mentors, her studios, her techniques, her commissions, her place in an American art- versus- craft debate of the 1940s. The nature of her major consignee, Georg Jensen Inc of New York City, is explored.An essay explores  her claims of having received a commission from the Josiah Wedgwood ceramics firm. Essays explore her co-creations with other artists: designs for decorated ceramics with Ossip Zadkine; jewelry with Ed Wiener and Madeleine Turner; tile inlaid furniture with Inge Bech and Jens Risom.

All catalog pages from the yearly Jensen catalog which offered Janeway wares from 1942 through1949 are republished . There is an essay which address claims about museums which exhibited or owned Janeway material.

Part Two is a catalogue raisonne of all types of Janeway’s work, namely tiles, ceramics, jewelry, paintings, illustrations.

The Conclusion discusses her achievements.

In addition to a customary bibliography which cites all available articles about Janeway’s artistic activity, I present the same citations in a second and unorthodox bibliography arranged in chronological order in order to make sense of the arc of her career by press coverage.

Expected date of publication: 2016

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